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Value Dental Centers Chino is a trusted source for outstanding, affordable care. Patients come to us from around the area to enjoy our compassionate, personalized services, as well as our advanced methods. Our dental office in Chino, CA is equipped with high-tech tools, including an in-office milling system to create same-day dental crowns. We also utilize modern diagnostic tools to better protect your oral health. Despite our use of these instruments, we keep our prices very affordable. We also offer a variety of financing options, and our office team will find a plan that meets your financial needs. Through our personalized guidance, we want to make your dental treatment easier and more convenient than you may ever have dreamed possible.

Why Consider Value Dental Centers Chino?

At our practice, we are not only concerned with your dental health. We will also consider every aspect of your wellbeing. Our team understands that dental problems do not arise in isolation. Rather, they will affect your appearance and self-confidence, and they can have lasting effects on your long-term oral wellness. Therefore, we work hard to provide early diagnoses and accurate treatment plans that will benefit you for many years to come.

We are also committed to personalization. We will make your visit pleasant and relaxing, thanks to our friendly personalized demeanor. With our local anesthesia, your care will involve minimal discomfort. We can also provide sedation if you are feeling nervous or if you are going to undergo a lengthier procedure. Finally, we are dedicated to patient education. We will explain your x-rays, diagnoses, and potential outcomes. Then we will collaborate with you as a team to design your one-of-a-kind treatment plan.

Technology in Our Dental Office

To further enhance your patient experience and to protect your oral health, we proudly utilize advanced dental tools. At your routine exams, we will use laser cavity detection to check for decay. Your dentist will measure the levels of fluorescence in your teeth with a uniquely designed laser. If you have a high reading, it will usually indicate the presence of decay – long before you notice any discomfort. With these accurate readings, your dentist can treat the cavity before it spreads and weakens your tooth. Our laser oral cancer screenings function similarly. A high fluorescence reading may indicate a cancerous lesion. Your dentist will usually order a biopsy if he or she detects anything unusual. Laser detection helps us to catch oral cancer when it is most easily treatable.

At Value Dental Centers Chino, we are particularly proud of our in-office milling system. Thanks to this technology, we can provide Crowns While You Shop, as well as same-day dental bridges. Using chairside scanners, your dentist will take digital impressions of your teeth. Then, working off of these highly precise images, our milling machine will create your custom crown or bridge. Not only will this make your procedure more convenient. Your restoration will also look very realistic, thanks to the accurate imaging and naturally-colored restorative material.

About Our Financing

Of course, finances are an important concern when it comes to dentistry. Therefore, we strive to keep prices low without sacrificing quality. Our office team will also help you explore your financing options, making it easy to afford our outstanding care. We participate in all PPOs and most HMOs. We also offer our own Easy Payment Program, and we partner with many third-party lenders. Our staff will even help you file your claim or apply for a medical loan. This is just one more way that we are committed to your convenience and overall wellbeing.

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