25 May

Invisalign Option Preferred by Adults

Do you remember your visits to the orthodontist all those years ago? It was almost more terrifying than the dentist because they would have to mess with the bands, wires and make adjustments. By the end of the visit you were tired and hungry, but with a mouth full of metal it was hard to […]

06 May
Know Your Emergency Dentist

Know Your Emergency Dentist

Nobody ever starts their day out thinking that they will need to find an emergency dentist in Chino, but it happens and suddenly you are on the hunt. There are hundreds of reasons why people need emergency dental care so it makes sense to know before you need it, who you will go see. Some […]

20 Feb

What does a Good Dental Experience look like?

No one schedules an appointment with the dentist and expects to have a good time, but neither should it be an experience that the patient dreads. Quality dental care is a necessary part of good hygiene and helps to keep teeth and gums healthy for kids and adults. It is important that patients find a […]

13 Jan

How to Find a Customer Friendly Dental Practice

For many just hearing the word ‘dentist’ still brings on a momentary feeling of stress and anxiety and they start looking for ways to avoid this dreaded visit. However, there are practices in Chino Hills that have worked hard to demonstrate their desire to give patients a comfortable and pleasant experience in the best way […]

12 Jan

Meet our Implant Dentist

Tired of being referred out to a specialist for dental implants, wisdom teeth extractions, or Invisalign? Being referred out to specialist can not only be inconvenient but also expensive. Those days end at Value Dental Centers in Chino. With Dr. Sukut on our team, he brings over 40 years of experience with him. He earned […]

06 Dec

Find Affordable Dental Care with In-House Finance Plans

Just about everything in life comes down to cost, even when it comes to deciding whether you can go to the dentist office or not, especially if you don’t have insurance coverage. No one should have to decide between maintaining a healthy smile and their monthly budget when there are practices that offer in-house finance […]

11 Nov

Find a Great Dentist in Chino Hills

Do you live in Chino Hills and have wondered where you could find inexpensive dental services for your family? If so, you are really in luck because there’s an amazing dentist centrally located in Chino Hills that offers a wide variety of dental services for people of all ages and walks of life at affordable […]

12 Oct

Finding the Right Dentist in Chino Hills is a Cinch

You’ve just moved to Chino Hills, and you love the area. You’ve settled into your new home, are really enjoying your new job, and are really glad you made the move. However, with a move comes the need to look for new places to perform the routine services you require. For example, you’ll have to […]

29 Sep

Dynamic affordable plans

Applying for financial assistance can be complicated and time consuming depending on the forms and personnel involved. When you visit the Chino Value Dental Center, there is no long form and no waiting to find out whether you qualify or not. The process is so simple and easy that you can complete it online or […]