Emergency Dental Care

If you are suffering from a damaged tooth or a significant toothache, you do not want to wait any longer than necessary to receive the care you need. Fortunately, we offer effective and compassionate emergency dental care at our Chino, CA office. When you call Value Dental Centers Chino, we can often get you in for a same-day dental appointment. Then we can provide appropriate care to ease discomfort, repair your tooth, and restore your oral function. In addition, when you first call us, we will provide tips for at-home treatment. With appropriate care, you can limit dental damage and reduce inflammation.

Urgent Care Is Always Available

Dental emergencies can occur at any time. Fortunately, at Value Dental Centers Chino, you will always be able to reach a dentist, even after business hours. When you contact our office, we can often get you in for a same-day appointment. Plus, when you call in the evening or over the weekend, our line will automatically forward you to an on call dentist. He or she will provide tips to help you minimize discomfort. Often, we can see you for same-day after hours appointments.

Guidance for the First Stages of Your Emergency

Our emergency dentist will treat you as soon as possible. However, we will also help you take steps to minimize discomfort before you come in to the office. In addition, appropriate care can limit dental damage so that your dentist can more successfully repair your natural tooth.

Knocked out teeth are one of the most commonly experienced dental emergencies. Although a knocked out tooth can be frightening, with proper care at home, your dentist may be able to place the natural tooth back in the socket. To make this scenario more likely, you should carefully rinse off the tooth without touching the roots. If you can do so comfortably, put the tooth back in your mouth. Gently bite down to keep it in place. If this hurts too much, store the tooth in milk, saliva, or a saltwater solution. You should follow similar protocol if you have a broken tooth, carefully storing the broken piece.

Toothaches can occur for a variety of reasons. If pain develops or worsens rapidly, over-the-counter pain medications and cold compresses can help to ease inflammation. You should avoid very hot, cold, or sweet foods until you come into the office.

Long-Term Care to Improve Your Smile and Oral Function

Emergency treatments can vary significantly for each patient. As stated above, if you have a knocked out tooth, your dentist can often place it back in the socket, repositioning your gum tissue to hold it in place. In some cases, however, your roots may be too damaged, or there may be some other reason that your dentist cannot replace your natural tooth. In these instances, he or she will recommend a dental bridge or an implant to restore your smile.

If you have a broken tooth, your dentist can often reattach the missing piece using composite resin. If a very small piece has chipped off, dental bonding alone may be enough to repair your tooth. In cases of more severe damage, your dentist may recommend a dental crown. This larger restoration will strengthen your tooth and improve its appearance. Thanks to our in-office milling machine, we can usually provide dental crowns in an hour or less.

The right treatment for your toothache will depend on the cause of your discomfort. Often, toothaches develop because of dental infection. The center of your tooth contains nerve endings. If bacteria travel along these nerves into your root canals, it can cause significant pain across much of your face. Root canal therapy is the most common option to treat dental infection. Other toothache treatments could include dental fillings or scaling and root planing.

Contact Us for Emergency Dentistry

Are you experiencing a dental emergency? Do not delay the treatment you need. Contact us right now for outstanding urgent care.