Invisalign Option Preferred by Adults

25 May

Invisalign Option Preferred by Adults

Do you remember your visits to the orthodontist all those years ago? It was almost more terrifying than the dentist because they would have to mess with the bands, wires and make adjustments. By the end of the visit you were tired and hungry, but with a mouth full of metal it was hard to actually eat what you wanted and be enthusiastic about the process.

Times have changed since those events from years ago and while metal braces are still around today, they are not the only option. Going to see the orthodontist at Value Dental Centers in Chino Hills is your best option because they have the latest and greatest in equipment and are familiar with the newest methods and techniques within the field. Technology, pain management and education have evolved so that visiting the oral health professional is less traumatic and more important than ever.

One of the biggest changes for individuals who need to have crooked teeth aligned regardless of whether their mouth is too big or small is the type of braces they can choose from. Metal is still one of the most affordable and popular options especially for younger patients due to the fact they are more permanent and cannot be ‘messed’ with which can delay the process. However, they are not ideal for appearance if the patient is a teenager or adult which is why the Invisalign option is favored by these age groups. This method of tooth alignment uses clear trays created from molds of the patient’s mouth that are updated every couple of weeks or so to bring the teeth into the desired position. They are clear so it is not readily obvious that they are being worn and they can be removed for mealtime which makes it easier to keep the teeth clean and healthy throughout the process, which can last up to a couple of years. The orthodontist at Value Dental Centers in Chino Hills is familiar and experienced in both techniques and after an initial review will recommend treatment options to the patient based on their eligibility. Then it is up to the patient to decide which works best with their lifestyle, budget and personal preference. Braces can be costly with and without insurance which is why payment plans can be set up with the office to help customers get the treatment they need without waiting until they have all the money.

There is no denying that braces are an interruption to daily life but the available options have made it much simpler and more comfortable to undergo this process than it was a couple of decades ago. Whether you need an orthodontist or dentist in Chino Hills, find the professional who can do both, making it more convenient to get your teeth cared for in one location for you and the whole family. Go online today and schedule your first appointment to become an established patient and work your way towards a brighter and healthier smile.