Root Canals

Root canals at our Chino, CA practice are typically the most effective way to save infected teeth. During root canal therapy, one of our skilled dentists will clean out your tooth to eliminate infection and decayed tissue. Then, after filling the inside of your tooth, he or she will restore your smile and oral function with a dental crown. At Value Dental Centers Chino, we use advanced chairside milling systems, so we can often complete root canal therapy in a single appointment. In addition, our gentle techniques and effective anesthesia will result in a minimal discomfort procedure. Most importantly, the treatment can end your toothache and prevent more severe dental damage.

When Do We Recommend Root Canals?

In most cases, we will perform root canal therapy if you are suffering from an infected tooth. The symptoms of an infection can vary, although a toothache is the most common indication. Your toothache may be constant. It could also be throbbing, or it could come and go in waves. In many cases, heat, cold, and sugar will exacerbate discomfort. Other symptoms of dental infection include gum abscesses, chronic bad breath, and a single tooth that darkens from the inside.

In a few cases, you may benefit from a root canal if you have a cracked tooth. You will typically be a candidate for treatment if you have a large crack that does not extend all the way to your tooth root.

Is Root Canal Therapy Painful?

Many people believe that root canal therapy will be highly disagreeable. However, our treatment involves negligible discomfort. Before your procedure, your dentist will numb your tooth and the nearby gums.  With these medications, you will feel little to nothing during your root canal. In addition, our dentists use very gentle techniques that will not affect the healthy parts of your tooth, your gums, or the rest of your teeth. Nevertheless, if you are still nervous, we can often provide IV sedation to help you stay relaxed.

What to Expect during Your Root Canal

After administering local anesthesia, your dentist will make a tiny opening in the back or top of your tooth. Through this access point, he or she can remove all bacteria and damaged tissue. After reshaping your tooth, your practitioner will also clean out your root canals. Then he or she will fill both areas with a soft rubber-like substance. This material, called gutta percha, will seal your tooth so that bacteria cannot reenter.

Next your dentist will take impressions of your newly reshaped tooth. Typically, he or she will use our chairside imaging system, which will take incredibly precise digital impressions. Then these images will feed into our office milling system. Usually in less than an hour, the machine will create Crowns While You Shop. Our system will carve your restoration from a solid block of durable, sparkling, and naturally colored porcelain. When the crown is finished, your dentist will make sure it fits correctly before attaching it to your tooth.

How Will a Root Canal Benefit You?

If you are suffering from a dental infection, it is imperative that you seek treatment as soon as possible. First, without appropriate care, your discomfort will only intensify, making it almost impossible to eat and even sleep. In addition, the infection will worsen. Eventually, the bacteria could destroy most of your tooth, necessitating extraction and a replacement tooth, with a bridge or implant. Bacteria could even spread to your other teeth or, in rare cases, your jawbone.

On the other hand, root canal therapy will keep bacteria from multiplying. Thus, the procedure will save your overall dental health, oral function, and beautiful smile.

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