Second Opinions in Dentistry

Ideally, you can trust everything your dentist tells you. However, there are some situations in which it may be wise to seek second opinions in dentistry. At our Chino, CA practice, we offer no-obligation consultations. At your appointment, we will explain our findings and your previous diagnosis, so you can select the appropriate treatment plan. The team at Value Dental Centers Chino is unfailingly honestand has excellent communication skills. If we believe that your prior diagnosis is correct, we will say so upfront. On the other hand, if we feel that your diagnosis is wrong or that you will benefit from a different treatment, we will let you know. Following your consultation, you are free to seek treatment elsewhere, if desired. Of course, you can also schedule an appointment with us to receive the care you need.

Should You Seek a Second Opinion?

There are a number of situations in which it may be wise to obtain a second opinion. Your dentist may have the best of intentions. However, he or she could still provide an inaccurate diagnosis due to inexperience or unusual symptoms. Sadly, in other situations, your practitioner could make a dishonest diagnosis for his or her own gain. The following are situations in which you might benefit from a second opinion:

  • Your dentist diagnoses a serious condition, such as oral cancer or gum disease
  • Your dentist says that you have widespread decay, despite a lack of symptoms
  • Your dentist recommends a large number of dental restorations
  • Your practitioner claims that all or most of your past dental restorations need to be replaced
  • Your dentist does not have the skill or experience for a specialized procedure, such as root canal therapy or surgical extraction
  • You do not have a good rapport with your dentist
  • Your practitioner does not thoroughly explain your diagnosis and various treatment options
  • Your dentist is pressuring you into treatment or insisting on more expensive procedures

The Benefits of Getting a Second Opinion

In the above situations, a second dental opinion can have immense benefits. First, we can catch a faulty or dishonest diagnosis. Then we can recommend a cheaper or less invasive treatment option. In some cases, you may not require any treatment at all! Second, even if your dentist is correct in his or her judgment, you can find a practitioner with the necessary experience. At Value Dental Centers Chino, we have a number of specialists on staff, so you will always receive treatment from a qualified doctor. Finally, even if your regular dentist was right, a second opinion can give you valuable peace of mind as you prepare for your procedure.

Why Visit Value Dental Centers for Your Second Opinion?

When seeking a second opinion, it is important to visit a dentist you can trust. Our practitioners are both thorough and honest. They will conduct a complete exam, looking at the structure of your teeth and the state of your gums. If necessary, we can take x-rays, or we can evaluate x-rays taken at another practice. Our team will honestly consider your regular dentist’s diagnosis, and we will always tell you if he or she is correct.  At the same time, we can sometimes provide alternative treatment options that may be more suited to your goals or budget. On the other hand, if your normal dentist is wrong, we will let you know so that you can choose a practitioner with whom you feel more comfortable. When you request a second opinion at Value Dental Centers Chino, you are under no obligation to receive treatment from us.  However, like many patients, you may return to our practice to enjoy our gentle, personalized care.

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