If you are suffering from a toothache, it can be difficult to focus on anything else. Toothaches can occur for many different reasons. Dental infection is the most common cause. However, in other cases, tooth sensitivity, structural damage, and gum disease can lead to dental discomfort. The team at Value Dental Centers Chino will carefully evaluate your symptoms to determine the underlying cause of your pain. Then we will offer appropriate treatment. There are various ways that we can address toothaches at our Chino, CA practice. Root canal therapy is a common solution for internally infected teeth, and we can also provide fillings, Crowns While You Shop, and periodontal treatment, among other services.

What Is Causing Your Toothache?

Toothaches can manifest themselves in different ways. You may have constant pain, or it could come and go. Discomfort could be localized or radiating. Typically, a toothache will grow worse when you eat, especially when you consume very hot, cold, or sweet foods.

Just as there are many different toothache symptoms, there are also various causes of dental discomfort. As mentioned above, dental infection is one of the most common reasons. Infection occurs in the soft pulp inside your tooth. Because nerves travel from this area down along your tooth roots, bacteria can easily spread through your root canals, causing widespread discomfort.

Other toothache causes can include:

  • A cavity
  • Something stuck between your teeth
  • Structural damage, such as a cracked tooth or an old, weakened filling
  • Gum disease

Root Canal Therapy: The Most Common Treatment for Toothaches

If you are suffering from a dental infection, we will typically recommend root canal therapy.  During this treatment, your dentist will clean out your tooth, reshaping the inner chamber, as well as your root canals. Then he or she will fill your tooth with gutta percha, a soft rubbery substance. The material will seal your tooth from the inside so that bacteria cannot reenter. Finally, your practitioner will provide a custom-made crown, crafted from impressions of your tooth. Because we have an in-office milling machine, we can usually perform root canal therapy in one appointment.

Though many people dread the thought of a root canal, the treatment actually involves negligible discomfort. We provide effective local anesthesia, and we use gentle methods, so you will feel very little during the procedure.

Other Toothache Treatments

If infection is not the cause of your toothache, we will offer a more appropriate treatment. Options include:

  • Fillings: The most common treatment for dental decay, a filling with seal and strengthen your tooth. Our tooth-colored fillings will harmonize with your smile, and they will bond with your teeth more strongly than metal.
  • Dental crowns: Crowns can repair cracked, damaged, or severely weakened teeth. Our tooth-shaped restorations are made from the latest materials to ensure durability and a realistic appearance.
  • Scaling and root planing: If periodontitis is causing your toothache, we may recommend scaling and root planing. During this treatment, we will remove bacteria from your gums and smooth the rough spots on your tooth roots.

Need Urgent Treatment?

Often, toothaches can develop or worsen rapidly. Fortunately, at Value Dental Centers Chino, we offer timely emergency treatment. Even if your toothache develops after business hours, our phone line will re-direct you to an on-call dentist. He or she can provide guidance to minimize discomfort, and often we can schedule a same-day appointment.

Contact Us to End Your Discomfort

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